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Formal Shoes

Formal Shoes: Shoes are an essential part of one’s attire. A hat or a watch can be avoided but footwear and clothes are necessary. Then comes the part of one’s style and need for choosing his attire.  The setting can be casual, formal or a bit of both. Accordingly there are a variety of choices for men, and English Boot House has something for all. We are the pioneers and first movers in the shoes industry and we are well versed with the art and craft of Leather. All our products are made with the highest regard to quality and comfort. Your feet are in good hands and we assure you would have a comfortable and elegant walk to remember. So have a walk in our shoes by ordering today.

Every Man needs to have a multipurpose pair of Formal Shoes in their wardrobe, Having the right sophisticated and stylish pair of gives you a confidence boost and escalates your style and charisma. Our Formal Shoes for men category includes a variety of designs for mens dress shoes.  We bring forward a wide variety of shoes at our outlets in Karachi and Lahore (Karachi shoes – Lahore shoes). Our online portal delivers within Pakistan and across the borders. Weather you need  The Oxford, The Blucher shoe, The Monk Strap, The Desert Boot, The Loafers, The Opera Pump and The Chelsea Boot we have something in each category. We are in business since the foundation of our beloved nation Pakistan, so you won’t be dismayed by our Formal Shoes Pakistan collection. .

EBH – Formal Shoes Pakistan

So Dress To Impress by wearing these Formal Shoes. The shoes are lightweight, Comfortable and are made from the finest Leather.  Our designs are state of the art and can be used for every occasion.

Product Category: Men: Formal Shoes

English Boot House







Material: LeatherSole: LeatherWithout Lace

Out of stock

Material: LeatherSole: LeatherWith Lace


Leather Upper Leather Sole Without Lace


Leather UpperLeather SoleWithout Lace


Leather UpperLeather SoleWith Lace


Material: Artificial LeatherSole: SheetWith Laces


Material: Leather UpperSole: Rubber Sole

Out of stock

Material: Leather UpperSole: Rubber soleWithout Lace

Out of stock

Material: LeatherSole: Rubber


Material: LeatherSole: LeatherWith LaceHeel: 2”


Material: LeatherSole: Leather


Leather Upper
Rubber Sole

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